Monday, March 7, 2011


Hi loves! Yes, i realize i have been MIA lately. please forgive me for this. in life, i have realized that i try to be too many things to too many people, daily. it's exhausting at times - but i do know, and those who know me, it really does make me, well... me. i just love people so much, and i always want to be there for them, and make them feel loved and as cheesy as it might sound.... makes this world better by loving.

my dad was this way. he would do anything for anyone at any second of any day. no matter what was going on. I'd like to think he gave this gift to me when he passed. and i cherish that so much.

i have been doing a lot of "cleaning out" in my life lately. from silly things like drawers + closets to bigger more important things like old boxes of "important stuff" to even people. and i don't mean that in a mean way whatsoever. i just mean that i give and give and some people in this world are just to negative for me. i feel sorry for those people but also wish them love and hope they realize before it's too late how special this life we have is.

in my cleaning process, i found a letter my dad wrote to me. well, he never gave it to me and also never finished it. but my brother and i found it on his computer the week after he died. i bawled nightly reading this letter for a full year, and reading the words that flew off the paper and into my heart. i keep it next to me in my nightstand to remind me how loved i was (and am).

my dad was proud of me and he let me know it. i won't share the letter because it's something too personal (even though i share everything else with you all!) i read this letter all the time. i read the same letter, but somehow i am either crying, laughing, or both by the end. and every time i finish - i feel i learn something new about him + myself.

i just hope you (yes, you!) realize how lucky you are to live in the world we live in. sure we have trials and tribulations but at the end of the day we have family and friends. and we have love. there's just really not that much else you need.

i guess i just wanted to take today's post to share how blessed and thankful i am to you all. you inspire me to be better and understand when i need a "day" or two, to regroup.

much love,

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Nicole said...

Love you GF. Thanks for this nice post. I LOVE YOU!