Monday, March 14, 2011


-how terribly sad the pictures + videos are of everything that is going on in Japan. I donated to RED CROSS. hope you do too!

-how drinking juices + doing p90x is not a good combo. ever.

-how it being light out when i get home is pretty amazing.

-how excited i am for the weekend with all the girls in town!

-how this 8 glasses of water a day thing makes me feel good. full. but good.

-how too many of my friends have march birthdays (sigh, love you all but having birthdays on the same day makes my planning hard!)

-how booking a flight for my momma to visit makes me so dearly happy.

-how the container store is my idea of heaven.

-how a very amazing person texted me today saying she is preggos. and since i was in a meeting everyone thought it was totally appropriate to cry. phew.

-how Emily on the bachelor didn't seem so nice tonight. boo.

-how i am almost done sorting mail for my boss. almost.

-how i will never get a regular manicure again. silly gel nails, you have my heart.

-how sad it is i can watch any episode of friends like it's the first time. man, i have an awful memory.

-how crossing things off of my to-do list still makes me happier than anything.

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