Wednesday, March 9, 2011


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for lent this year i am not giving up anything but rather adding something to my daily routine!

i eat pretty healthy, workout regularly, don't mind having a glass of wine here and there, and will not give up chocolate because i don't eat it that much for it to be a problem!

so, i am going to be drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily.
you might think this is easy but i have struggled with drinking enough water since i found my love for coffee instead.

i feel dehydrated quite often (especially at night) so it's time for my 40 day water marathon.
i am pretty excited since i know for me this will be a challenge!

what are you giving up (or adding) for lent?
i love challenges!

ps. p90x will be very thankful for this new daily addition!


Sara Ancich of snip {snap!} photography said...

no more fast food. my body will probably shut down from the absence of the daily Famous Star.


Jen said...

you're gonna do great! it's ALL a mind set ;) and you are pretty wonderful! PIECE of CAKE!! (mmmmmm cake!!) :)) good luck!! x