Tuesday, March 22, 2011


hi lovies! do you ever have so much fun over the weekend you never want it to end? ever? yep. that was me last weekend. in fact i was even lucky to have a 3 day weekend since i took monday off to enjoy one last day with my friends that came to visit! i have decided a few things after this weekend: 1.) i have amazing friends 2.) our place can hold plenty of people for a large slumber party 3.) eating chocolate chip pancakes on saturday mornings are our new favorite tradition 4.) laughing really does cure anything 5.) sporting events while a torrential downpour is happening makes for some hilarious stories. 6.) having homemade pizza competitions makes for some amazing dinners!

here are a few of our photos from the weekend:

hermosa pier with the gang:
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galaxy home opener in the rain with the girls:
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the best homemade pizza night competition (minus the competition):
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"hiking" runyon in LA:
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my friend jill from Chicago's first ever In-N-Out burger
(the look on her face says it all):
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i had the most perfect weekend with everyone in town!
now back to reality, work, p90x, and a mile long to-do list
(all so worth it though!!!)


Rachel said...
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Jen said...

Rach! It deleted your comment when I pushed reply :( I meant to say - I loved our Saturday mornings but it's
a new tradition HERE! not in LBC SILLY ;)