Monday, April 4, 2011


well hello there!
it's been a little while since i did a NMM. so why not today?
for the new folks... your fault for not knowing. i kid. i kid.
it's simple. it's all the things i DID NOT do this past week. or did do. who knows? make sense?
didn't think so...

here goes!

i did not love p90x or any other workout for that matter this week. really though. my body is TIRED. missed a few days. (cough cough). so this week is a new week! oy.
i did not love getting my COACHELLA tickets in the mail. excited is an understatement. i hope i survive (mom, stop worrying, i'll be fine!)
i did not love a few CRAZY work days back to back. wow, the weeks have been flying by. eek.
i did not love the welcoming of APRIL! what? how did that happen?
i did not love love love american idol this week. i think if i make it through a taping without crying i am good to go!
i did not love planning a wedding in my spare time. i LOVE doing this!!!
speaking of planning.....i did not love planning a trip home for mother's day! yay!
i did not love momma + brother in town.....
homemade jambalaya, banana's foster, bbq shrimp, brunch, galaxy game, dancing, and so much more fun!! i miss them already.
i did not love the CMA awards. god i love me some country (and cowboys)
i did not love catching up with my favorite bloggers.
i did not love the musical of greys anatomy. i didn't get it, but still cried. i'm officially a sap.
i did not love 80 degree weather and pure sunshine. feels like summer in so cal and i LOVE it!!!
i did not love runs on the beach with my favorite pup pup.
i did not love cocktails + dinner in the stadium club while watching the galaxy kick butt.
i did not love spring cleaning!! (it's my favorite time of the year)!!!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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