Friday, September 16, 2011


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(too many pinterest photos under "dream closets" for inspiration)

lately i have been "simplifying" everything.
you name it, i'm doing it.

i just don't need all this "stuff" in my life.
next up.... closet makeover.

i am so so excited for my fashionista friend natalie to come over this weekend and revamp my closet!!
it's a big project i've had at the top of my to-do list for quite some time.

clearly, haven't gotten to it.

natalie works and lives fashion, so i know i am in good hands!
i think i am most excited to get rid of things i don't need or wear
and for her to tell me staples i should have in my closet
(as should every girl)

i'm pretty sure i have really great pieces and i'm pretty sure i have "TOSS AWAY NOW" pieces.

this could get interesting...

never been so excited to organize!
(okay, that's a lie, but pretty jazzed)

happy weekend to you all!


Sara Ancich said...

I could be your trash can for those "toss away now" pieces.

just sayin.

Kelly and Tadd said...

O my gosh...this is so exciting. Can you take before and after pictures? Can you post your staple items with photos? Can you do this with me? I am so excited for you! Closet makeovers..... So fun!!! And as Sara mentioned, I wouldn't mind the "toss now" clothes either.

Jen said...

ah it was SO much fun! pictures coming shortly!!