Thursday, October 27, 2011

craftin & bedazzlin.

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this year i decided i am going to make my halloween costume.
i know, right? silly me.
i love a good holiday and any excuse to decorate & craft...
so this was perfect!
i bought my supplies from a thrift store & Michael's and $45 later, i started my project...
i must say it's coming along quite nicely & obnoxious (ha)
and only a few hot glue gun casualties.

hint: a bunch of friends are going as "Santa _____"
you can be anything under the sun with the Santa theme.
(example: DJ Santa, Hippie Santa, etc.)
a lot of red/white peeps will be running around this weekend... about 45 people to be exact.

i can't wait to share with you my Santa idea!
it's a (handmade) doosey.

pictures to come on Monday.
and you bet, i am wearing this again on Monday to give out candy!

what are you going to dress up as?!!!

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