Tuesday, April 21, 2009

busy little bee....

jeeez if only there were 36 hours in a day instead of just 24. oh wait, even that MIGHT not be enough ;(
a little or a LOT of an update.
i was invited to play with the semi pro women's team in Sacramento called the storm! (cool right?!) and what a weekend that was! the team won 3 games and tied 1. it was amazing, tiring, fun, SO exciting, nervous, etc. etc. etc. BUT i had SO much fun. i played outside mid for the majority (basically sprinting up and back the entire time) then center mid (my favorite) then up top. all in all, i LOVED suiting up....... gosh brought me back to when i was 16 again. oh the joy. long story short - i got invited back!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOO i am a very happy girl. tired. but happy.
i got 6 more card orders over the weekend! (again, need more time in the day!)
i started kickboxing 3 weeks ago - and boy oh boy, i can kick some butt! not really, BUT i am quite obsessed. i go 3 days a week, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
this weekend is the Long Beach Women's Alumni game/weekend. i cannot WAIT!
then the following weekend i will be headed to CHICAGO (my fav. city) for 5 days!
wow i am excited & exhausted already :)
i will be posting a "sneak peak" of the cards i have been working on tomorrow ;)
happy American idol Tuesday!

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