Monday, November 9, 2009

ohhhh hey thanksgiving. you are so close....

i know it may not seem like it, but you really are one of my favorite holidays. it makes sense - i love fall, lots of food and any kind of pumpkin desserts. but mostly, i think it is so so important to remember all of our many blessings. however, with Christmas right on your heels, i tend to get pretty excited and begin planning Christmas week and listening to holiday tunes before you've even come, as hard as i try not to. so this year, instead of neglecting you and then feeling bad, like i usually do, i decided to compile a list of 100 things that i am grateful for. so thank you, thanksgiving, for the push in the right direction.

here it is, in no particular order:

1. family (although this is always number one)
2. home
3. good food
4. cameras
5. an income
6. letterpress
7. mail
8. friends
9. running shoes
10. health insurance
11. living by the water
12. good health
13. good men
14. leggings with boots
15. Christmas songs
16. pumpkin spice lattes
17. the magazine rack at Barnes and noble
19. avocados
20. a warm bed
21. baked goods
22. throwing parties
23. redbox
24. blogs
25. photography
26. soccer
27. calendars
28. wine nights
29. comfy pjs
30. dad's recipes
31. naps
32. target
33. football
34. that it doesn't snow in California
35. the beach
36. crunchy fall leaves
37. my new black dress
38. learning how to apply mac make-up
39. vegas
40. weddings
41. strangers that say nice things
42. paper products
43. rain
44. sunflowers
45. ben & jerry
46. etsy
47. education
48. fishnet tights
49. the office
50. my i-pod
51. grey's anatomy
52. the geniuses at apple
53. paid vacation
54. Christmas dinner
55. canvases
56. movie quotes
57. candy bowls
58. mom's recipes
59. snippet & ink
60. in n' out
61. fall weather
62. mason jars
63. not me Mondays
64. family history
65. 3 bin Christmas popcorn
66. sales
67. photoshop
68. color coded lists
69. hope
70. my dads stories
71. midnight showings of movies
72. airports
73. twinkle lights
74. over sized Christmas trees
75. wicked in Chicago
76. Sunday walks
77. any reason for boysenberry cobbler and homemade ice cream
78. burt's bees chapstick
79. grammatically correct sentences
80. sleeping in
81. facebook
82. starbucks
83. project runway
84. leftovers
85. dads wine cake
86. sincere compliments
87. books
88. babies that don't spit up. ever.
89. pedicures
90. creativity
91. ellen and her dance moves
92. pictures in my inbox
93. paintings
94. handmade furniture
95. water filters
96. Chinese chicken salad from la bou
97. the troops
98. cute dogs
99. personal inspiration
100. knowing my dad is in a good place, where he is happy, no matter how much we miss him here. we have the very best guardian angel looking out for us.

we are blessed.

you should try it. it's certainly hard to have a bad day when you realize all that you have to be thankful for.


Liz said...

Thanks Jen! I am going to do this on my blog too. Have a great week!

Chelsea said...

I dont get it....why are you the cutest thing in the world?!!

Carla said...

#39 and #40--YAYAYAYAAYA!!!! So excited for 12/12 in Vegas!

#88--You'd love my kiddos...neither one of them spit up. ever.

Hope you're doing well in your new city! Love your blog! And excited to see you!