Wednesday, November 11, 2009

soccer mom.

i can't wait to be a soccer mom (mom and brother - don't worry it wont be for a while....)
i baked these goods for the team and the staff at HDC.
they were delicious!
everyone needs a little Holiday pick me up.
and i was happy to supply it.

ps. orange slices & capri suns at little kiddie soccer games are my favorite.
i will be that mom. you'll see....

(sorry for the poor quality photo, they were taken on my phone.)

messy kitchen makes a great work space

finished baked goods

packaged in these cute tins
(from target, also known as my favorite place of all time)

i'm sorry i can't give you the recipe to the most amazing graham cracker treats.
my nana would kill me.
but they sure are amazing....

big hugs.

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