Friday, December 18, 2009

dear santa,

Christmas is in a week. Can you make sure you visit heaven and give my dad the biggest hug from us. we miss him too much. i am sure the feast he will serve will bring you comfort, a full belly, and lots of good memories. make sure you treasure these moments. i am so glad i did.

i have been crying more than usual again. maybe it's because of the holiday season? or maybe it's because sometimes life isn't fair. i forget sometimes it is okay to feel sad, it's normal. i just wish i could say hello and check in with him.

please make sure my mom and brother are taken care of in 2010. they really deserve it. it's been a tough year for all of us, the worst year in fact. i would really appreciate a good 2010. we need it. I count my blessings everyday, and i am so thankful for who i am and what i offer to the world.

i just ask you take good care of my family. that's all i want. and make sure my dad is okay and happy. i don't need anything but this. thank you santa, i will make sure the milk and cookies are by the fireplace. they will be delicious.

merry early christmas,

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Liz said...

This is a great Dear Santa letter jen. Have the very best Holiday you can. We are thinking about you and your family.