Wednesday, December 30, 2009

need YOUR help!

i folks! okay so here's the deal.
i need your help!
if you read my blog and aren't an "official" follower - PLEASE follow!
i signed up for a contest to win a BLOG makeover (with my ideas) and i reaaaaalllly want to win!!!

please post this on your friends of friends of friends of family of cousins of siblings of parents emails, blogs, facebook, myspace, etc. etc. maybe just attach my blog link and tell those people "please follow her" i would REALLY appreciate it!

SO, you get the gist!

if i get so many followers within the time frame (i think it's a month? but details to come soon!) THEN i win a FREE blog makeover (which actually benefits you as my reader) SO PLEASE actually follow my blog! (go to the right of this screen and click follow then the instructions will guide you!)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! i know some of you read my blog who don't "follow officially" which is AWESOME!! buuuuut now i need you to follow!!!

thanks a million! will keep you posted on the contest as i get more info!!!!!!



Kelly and Tadd said...

I am officially a follower! YES!

Jenniferbeautifulmeshow said...

Just did it! Good luck!!!