Thursday, December 31, 2009

New years eve party of one.

Every year I do something ridiculously fun with friends and loved ones to ring in the new year.

In the last few years I have thrown a party at my house, was on bourbon street in new Orleans, and last year I was in San Diego with some of my most favorite people.

For this year I have been thinking about either:

(a). wearing an obnoxiously sparkly dress and going out with friends

(b). staying in relaxing at home.

So, I am so excited to announce I have finalized my plans for the new year....

drum roll please.......................

i will be -

Ordering take-out. Drinking (lots of) champagne. Wearing Cute pjs. Watching rented movies. Homemade Popcorn. My favorite 4 dogs around me.

And my most favorite part – doing this by myself.

I feel it’s only fitting to have a wonderful night staying in to start the new year off right.

and boy how i need a good year.

call me crazy, but i am PUMPED. wouldn't have it any other way.

happy new year to everyone!

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