Monday, January 25, 2010

not me monday {picture edition}

here you go!
all the things i did not do.... for those of you newbies, it's all the things i did do.
this week i took pictures to document some of my week!

i did not love cooking this potato leek soup. and boy was it not delicious!

i did not love walking the pups on the beach, watching the sunset in venice.

i did not love finishing my wall in my room, isn't it the cutest?

i did not love eating these delicious cupcakes.... yum!

i did not love making a little something special in the kitchen.

i again, can't say how much i do not love where i live. pure bliss.

i did not love getting to the santa monica flea market at 6am.
and i did not love my morning smoothie from the cows end.

i did not love watching these two play. so stinkin cute.

i also did not love watching my saints win...... superbowl here we come!
i did not love watching the bachelor, idol, and greys this week. thank goodness for tivo.
i did not love starting my 12 day cleanse. gosh, i love these cleanses!
i did not love sushi dinner with my favs in long beach.
i did not love julie & julia. great movie.
i did not love signing up for warrior dash come april.
training for running and beer drinking. ha!
i did not love slipping and falling down my stairs. yep, still bruised all over...
i did not love booking my flight home to see momma.

i did not love the hope for haiti now telethon. $58 million and counting.

post your not me monday!

it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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