Friday, January 29, 2010

{not so fun} photo friday.

so i thought my bad luck was running out...
ER last month for an allergic reaction, slipped down my stairs last week and bruised both arms & my tailbone, and now this.

yep. that is my shower.
and YES i was still in it when the door decided to shatter,

luckily, i didn't need stitches but went to the ER covered in blood (sorry for the visual).
they had to go over my entire body and remove the glass pieces that were in my skin.
I'm all bandaged up & on antibiotics, just in case they missed a few pieces
(ya, didn't seem promising when they say that?)
thanks doc.
awesome way to spend a gorgeous day in Manhattan beach.

so, i think my bad luck for 2010 is over (geeeez it's only January?!)
but i hear bad things happen in 3's?
this means i am good now right?

sure hope so.


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