Wednesday, February 3, 2010

bach recap week 5.

first off,
stop reading if you hate spoiler alerts.

seriously, stop.

i hate to say it but i have had numerous people tell me this is what happens:

corrie goes home (which happened Monday night, so far they were right)
then, ali leaves for work purposes next week (which would go hand in hand with the clip they showed for whats to come)
then gia gets sent home after the over night-er.
then it's tenley & vienna in the finals (seriously, vienna???)
AND, drum roll please........

supposedly vienna wins!
yes. WINS! i hope for all our sake, it's a LIE, and this is NOT what happens. buuuuuuuuuut only time will tell.

now to the recap. short but sweet.

jake, don't ever wear turtlenecks again. ever.
ali, your cute when you don't talk about vienna.
tenley, your voice & i are not friends, however... you are great.
gia, you are pretty. but your lack of confidence is killing me.
and vienna. i hate that you came this far.
BUT i can't wait to meet your family.
maybe they will help us all out in explaining how you have become who you are.

{sorry for the delay, been a crazy busy work week}
until next time.....

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