Tuesday, February 16, 2010

bach recap. week 7.

jotted down some notes:

*ali awkwardly looking at bachelor pics of jake next to her bed. slightly creepy.

*jakes pucca necklace? really? awful.

*i never want to see jake dance again. ever. i cringed the entire time.

*tenley has cheesy lines. i think she practiced sentences to say to him.

*vienna what is your tattoo of? i am confused.

*vienna are you cross eyed?

*poor gia, her sweat in HD does not look good on her.

*and really, if i was Gia and got sent home before Vienna i would die.

*i hate that he asked V her ring size. ugggh. this is getting stupid.

the women tell all next week is my favorite night. counting down the days...

1 comment:

Jenniferbeautifulmeshow said...

OMG, I was screaming at the TV (to myself) throughout the entire episode.


- Jen