Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bachelor recap.

* Vienna is a princess. not royalty princess, but her father seems to think so.

* Vienna and her dad are creepy together. they cry for no reason and make others uncomfortable.

* I feel bad that Vienna's dad doesn't get the concept of the show. So yes, it should make you feel awkward knowing Jake is dating 3 other women along with your daughter. get with the program, it's what the show is about.

* Gia, you are going home next week. I am sorry to say. And in the real world, you would never like jake. he is too dorky for you. also your mom wears short dresses and reads taro cards. it's weird.

* Tenley, please don't ever awkwardly dance for him, or anyone for that matter. i closed my eyes. you are cute, but awkward.

* Ali, you chose your job over jake. good for you. But we do know you come back next week. I am sure there is a surprise in store.

* Jake, i am over you. My source (thanks new friend Shauna) says you are lame in real life. apparently everyone knows you are different on camera. which makes me sad. oh well. i guess we aren't meant to be friends. besides i hate flying. we wouldn't work out.

see you next week for another night of reality TV.


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