Tuesday, February 9, 2010

6 months missing him.

i miss him everyday.
we all do.
sometimes, life just isn't fair.
god needed him more i guess.
some days i feel i am better.
some days i feel i have taken 10 steps backwards.
everyone has gone back to work. gone back to their families. gone back to their everyday existence.
but, i am still broken.
i am still without a father.
some days, i don't want to get out of bed.
some days i just want to cry all day.
or call him.
or hug him.
some days life just isn't fair.

i miss him always.
i still cry. i know that will never end.
but some days, it's pure happy cries.
and how much love was between us.

i miss him.
a lot.
6 months down.
and everyday is a new emotion.

thank you dad for teaching us all how to keep moving forward,
to keep loving,
to keep shining,
and to keep bettering ourselves.

dad, i hope i am 1/2 the human being you are.
all my love, and then some.

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