Monday, February 8, 2010

best. day. ever. {go saints!}

my cute cupcakes i made for our party ;)
and the MVP.

my brother says it best...

"one of the happiest days of my life.. i know my pops is smiling down"

honestly, we were all in tears yesterday.
my mom's face was the best part of the game.
she had her SAINTS shirt on, and her spot in the house.
it was her day.

our family in NOLA made sure they called us before the game to wish everyone
good luck.

when the clock went down to zero.
tears filled my eyes.
i thought of my dad.
and how happy he is watching from heaven.
i know he had something to do with it.
i just do.

congrats to the saints.
New Orleans needed it.
our family needed it.
my mom needed it.

i am still buzzing.
WHO DAT!!!!!

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Dani T said...

Honestly, I'm in love with your momma! She is wonderful, I realized today that I didn't see a single commercial yesterday because I was too busy eating and force feeding your mom muddie buddies at every break! Nothing better than her shouting at the screen, you gotta love a true fan!!!! :)