Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the women tell all.

a look back in bullet points:

* jake should never, ever wear a turtle neck. ever.
* roz totally lied the entire time last night. it was entertaining to say the least.
* manic michelle, and her crazy self. she really needs help.
* tenley is a disney character, i am convinced.
* vienna; the hair, the make up, those cross eyes, and her weird dad. enough said.
* roz needed to throw chris harrison under the bus for what reason? OH and she lied about that too. go figure.
* alie & gia deserve better. i don't know why they care so much.
* jake is SUCH a cheese ball. his facial expressions are funny.
* elizabeth is crazy and her weird notes. how many times can you say awkward?

sadly, we all know how next week ends. but here's for one more week until the proposal.
it's been a fun season. and sadly all things have to end.

see you next week for my final recap of the show.


1 comment:

Dani T said...

Yes! Thank you for this! I was going to watch but Jake is just tooooo awkward to handle, it's seriously painful!!! This was my first ever Bachelor season...I don't know if I've got another one in me!!! Wait, who am I kidding, these women are too crazy to not watch! The real question is who will they make the bachelorette!? My money is on Ali! XO!!!

OMG- the word verification code below for my post is "cringe"! Hahahaha, too funny!