Friday, March 12, 2010

fun photo friday.

i love my new ride.
so now, let's play a game.
let's name her.
she's a honda hybrid insight 2010.
(yes, it's a she, too cute not to be)
i will give a prize to whomever names her.

my first names i thought of was:
lil grey or baby grey.

if someone can think of something better....
i will send you a little something something in the mail.

post your names in the comment section and i will choose on monday.

happy friday!!


Amber V said...

what kind of car is it??

Dani T said...

Lil' smokie! Lil for short!!!! :)

The McKiernan's said...

Grey Girl!

Anonymous said...

Lil' Grey driving through the hood;
Silver bullet; Greystone; Fartio (j/k, but that is the word verification word - kind of funny); Cyndy; the LD cruiser; the Bluetooth bypass; silver surfer; Jen's Grey's anatomy; Manhattan Beach Maven. I just thought of those quickly, I'll have to email more ;)
Love ya

Blake said...


Amber said...

Grey Poupon, Eco G.. since she's so green, Cloudy with a chance of Grey, Greylicious, Greyhound Goddess.. so many options! Excited to see it!!

Laura Kristi Cronin said...

The Silver Sass

Liz said...

Oh my goodness there are so many great names to choose from. All I got is 'porschey'. Hey a girl has to have goals right?

Can't wait to see what you name {Her}. :)

Stacey said... Meredith Grey

Jen said...

i am LOVING the names.............
I will have the winner tomorrow!!!


jess said...

BIG PIMPIN!!!!!!! dad would LOVE it! ;) ;)

Jen said...

@ jess - i like how you said BIG PIMPIN after we discussed it that i wanted lil pimpin this morning. don't think you are winning ANYTHING :))