Monday, March 15, 2010

meet lil' pimpin.

the story behind the name:

i decided i need to name her after my dad.
his nickname for forever has been:
big pimpin poppa, big pimpin for short.
i figured since the car is a girl, it can be pimpin's sidekick.
hence, lil' pimpin.

he is with me in the passenger seat every time i drive.

although i loved everyone's ideas.
i am going with lil' pimpin.
and since it was a contest,
i can't obviously win so i am still sending a little something to the runner up.............
so, congratulations..................


grey girl was a VERY close second!!!!

congrats to you!!
please email me your address so i can send you a little something in the mail :)

and thank you EVERYONE who contributed!!
lil' pimpin is amazing.
i love her. a lot.

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