Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've been craving...

my dad's delicious {and can't stop eating} banana pudding.
I'm not a huge fan of normal banana pudding.
but let's be honest, my dad made the best of all things taste better.

I've been searching in my cookbook for this recipe.
i need to check a few other "secret family recipe" places.
i want to make it.
and soon.

mom, since you read this. please search too!
i must make this for my tummy.

{and if you're lucky, your tummy too!}

brother - let's make this for our Easter dessert?


Kelly and Tadd said...

best indoor soccer game included the amazing thundercats and their athleticism, probably a domination in the game and Andre's banana pudding to top it off. Chessman cookies are simply my favorite and that banana pudding was divine!!!

Jen said...

ahhhhh kel. thanks for the memory. he sure was the best! i am making it for EASTER. IF i find the recipe!! eeekk