Tuesday, March 16, 2010

minor brain dump.

-work just got 2 times crazier in the last 4 days. don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining. but seriously, it's 9:33pm and i am still taking care of stuff. i need a nap. not bed, just a quick nap.

-idol is getting a little better. ya i said it.

-i officially signed up for my october marathon. went running tonight during the sunset and realized i've got a loooooong way to go. crap.

-i got my tax refund back. thank you jesus. i now can officially pay off 1 of my 6 loans still dangling in my bank account. 1 down. whooooop whoooop.

-i missed my dad today a lot.

-apparently there was an earthquake this morning at 4am. i didn't feel a thing.

-i'm thinking i should stock up on cadbury eggs because it's coming to that point when there's only 3 weeks left until they take them out of the store. i'll pretend it's y2k and put lots in my garage. don't judge.

-i can't put words with friends down. at one point last night i realized i had 17 games going at one time. ohmygoodness. i need help.


Kelly and Tadd said...

what is the words with friends game? Sounds fun!...how far are you running now, I ran 7 last weekend. Long way to go. It is hard, but worth it! i miss you.

Jen said...

kel! words with friends is an iphone game! OBSESSED!! the running varies.... the most now is 6. i'm following the schedule :) or trying tooooo.... :)))

Kelly and Tadd said...

Good to know I am not behind. I am trying to figure out the details of the run. I will let you know when I have figured it out. Where are you staying, when are you going...details. Southwest does not even book flights that far in advance i guess.

Jennifer Katherine said...

kel, no plans on ANY of the above ;) guessing that will sort itself out......... but make sure you sign up today! seriously!! XOXO