Thursday, March 4, 2010

spring countdown.

-i have had one diet coke this week, and am already counting down the days until my next one.

-i have eaten my weight in cadbury eggs. maybe X2. i am even contemplating running out to the store to get more. even in my pj's.

-i officially think this might be the worst idol ever. fingers crossed it gets better.

-i got a spray tan for the event that was on Monday. I'm really tan. makes me excited for summer.

-i cried during the women's figure skating (please don't judge). seriously, if you heard the story of the woman who's mom passed right before... um, i feel for her. i want to call her and tell her i think she is fantastic. what an inspiration.

-the bachelor finale was dumb. Vienna is weird. what is different about her? did she get a nose job? or lose weight? something is off...

-my mom is coming to visit me this weekend. i have a very special weekend planned for her. she reads this, so i can't tell you. {mom, you should be VERY excited}. AND lucky us, my brother is coming too.

-i will be driving a new car in a few weeks. yep, I'm pretty darn excited.

-i am sad the Olympics are over, however i am excited i will have my life back. or mainly some sleep back.

-i'm almost three weeks done with marathon training. OK, i missed a few days. but this is PRE marathon training. i have a month to get my body ready for the training. either way, it's better than not running. my ass is lifting as we speak.

-it's already March. it's weird.

-a cadbury egg commercial just came on. dang, thanks TV for the reminder of how i love them oh so much.

-i might need to add interior decorated to my resume. i am quite impressed with myself.

-i think they put crack on the chips at chipotle.

-i need to make a new car/new cd jam {anyone who's reading please send me the best mixed CD you can think of} maybe i'll send you something handmade and cute?

-biggest loser is back on. i tried not to eat ice cream while i watched.

-i saw octo mom on the view. she is nuts. it's worth youtube-ing. i feel sorry for her 14 kids.

-i passed by aviator nation the other day (my new favorite sweatshirt shop thanks to my boss), i used all my might not to pull over and buy one. my bank account is thanking me. but next big purchase, yep. a blue zip hoodie. i am pumped (for the future)

-everyone in Oprah's audience is good looking and colorful. they must have a really good process in where everyone should sit.

-i would like to buy a new pair of jeans. i think i wear the same 2 pairs over and over.

-my tivo is almost full. how is this possible?

-the Oscars are on Sunday. I've printed out the ballots. i am thinking of themed goodies: blue cocktails for "avatar", a tray of airplane snacks for "Up in the Air", mini football cookies for "The Blind Side", Bread & cheese platter with wine for "Julie & Julia"

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