Tuesday, March 2, 2010

not me monday {on wednesday}

here ya go {a few days late}
{it's been a crazy week}
all the things i did not do last week....... and for the newbies....
it's all the things i did do.

i did not love the bachelor and how vienna and tenley are in the finals. scratch that, tenley is great... vienna, ugh.
i did not love how god awful idol was last week. oh boy i hope it gets MUCH better.
i did not love running on the beach for week 3 of training.
i did not love eating my weight in cadbury eggs, week 2. Easter needs to be over so they are no longer at any store. {and yes, running has helped keep the weight off.... but let me tell you, i run to eat apparently} ha!
i did not love waking up to 4 dogs sneaking into my bed. those 4 are very very sneaky.
i did not love the closing ceremony of the Olympics........... i am gonna miss you Olympics.
i did not love Tuesday chipotle/idol night. large diet coke. yes please!!
i did not love having a moment in the car.... just to turn on the radio and my dad and my song was on. really? coincident? i think not.
i did not love planning a fun filled weekend with my mom & brother. ya ya ya!
i did not love planning a premiere party for my boss, which went really well!! ok, im biased. but still... LOVED the show!!!
i did not love being so. dang. tired. all week....... so good news, it's bed time for this girl.
{i can't believe tomorrow is thursday} where is the time going? seriously.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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