Sunday, April 18, 2010

a beautiful life.

(my two beautiful angels i have to look after me)

it's crazy what can change in year,
a month,
a day,
and even a moment.

i'm learning more and more that you can't predict what will happen tomorrow.
you can't fear the change, you just need to embrace it.
things happen.
people change.
loved ones get taken from us.
it's all a part of this crazy place we called life.

i know very well i could be depressed over losing my dad.
but that's not how HE raised me.
he raised me to love the life i have, no matter what.
he raised me to be strong even in times you want to be weak.
he raised me to love big, laugh often (in his case always), and live the life you want for yourself.

i choose the life of greatness.
i want to make him proud.
i want to show my mom that we can get through anything, and how perfect i think she is.
i want my brother to realize how wonderful he is.

you see, i could be sad about things that happen in my life.
as can all of you in your own life.
and yes, i cry often.
but you know....

i am blessed with a wonderful family,
great great friends,
new blog readers who email me lovely notes,
and a perfect guardian angel (now two!)...
to look over me always.

as much as we have been through this past year.
i am at peace today.

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