Tuesday, April 20, 2010

not me monday (on tuesday)

here ya go!
all the things i did not do this week..
and for the newbies who don't know what this means...
just pretend it's opposite day.

i did not love that this was the BUSIEST work week AND BUSIEST fun week. is that possible?
i did not love the little sleep i did get... but i did love how worth it it was.

i did not love my impromptu middle of the day 1 1/2 hour massage.
i also did not love the masseur telling me i had the most knots she has seen. hmmmm.
i did not love finding a CUTE new hair cut place with a new hair dresser! (really miss my hair dresser friends, but sadly i can't afford to fly them out for a hair cut!)
i did not get jealous.... or a LOT jealous... my boss was photographed by annie leibovitz. can't wait for the june vanity fair to come out!
i did not love alumni game weekend with the girls. or hectors that i have missed so so so dearly.
i did not like pre game ritual with whit. katsuya & galaxy game.
delicious sushi never makes me sad! ever.
i did not love working in redlands (what what!) for 2 days. nor did i like our "new school, old
school, middle school" mixes we made. amazing!
i did not love ESPN for all their hard work in making my boss's "homecoming episode" pretty darn good. can't wait until this airs.
i am happy my face will be seen by millions! NOT.
i did not love idol night with adam lambert (surprisingly a VERY good mentor) and of course GLEE!!!!!!!!!
i did not love getting my run to remember marathon tee in the mail. on the back it says "in memory of andre robin"
ps. i don't know how i am going to run a marathon with all my emotions going. oh boy.
i did not like the "calf off" between the ESPN producers. pic below to prove it.
it was HILARIOUS! you had to be there...
i did not love the taylor swift concert - nor did i love sitting in a suite with a DESSERT CART! what? amazing.
i did not love our to-go cups in redlands. 909 is a new favorite place. ha! no but seriously...
i did not love hearing about my nana's passing, however...
i am happy she has joined my dad, her husband, and all the other wonderful angels. heading to new orleans tomorrow...... where we will ALL be together.
i did not love my new starbucks special drink . it's top secret though. sorry :)

(the "calf off".... i just can't make this stuff up!)

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.


Whitney said...

Calf off! I've gotta say, upon further (and more sober) review, Ben definitely wins.

Kelly and Tadd said...

I vicariously live through you. You are so interesting...in the best way! You always have so much going on. So much that I get lost in your blog and find myself trying to figure out ways to be as cool as you are. (none of this is sarcastic)I try to think of what I would say on my not me mondays and none of my blogs would be as awesome as yours. I think you are so rad, just like your sweater! seriously though!!!