Tuesday, April 27, 2010

not me monday (a day late..) NEW ORLEANS STYLE

sorry ya'll (said in my best nawlin's accent) for the delay.
i was gone all last week & headed to NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana)
where my entire family is from.
we we're originally going for jazz festival (something i have ALWAYS wanted to do w/ my pops)
so in honor of him....
we went!
sadly, his mother passed away (my nana mere)...
so then we added an extra day to attend her service as well.
it was beautiful & emotional.
and now, i am BACK.

here goes!!!!

i did not love getting 5 full days with family & friends. our family rarely see's everyone at once, what a treat.
i did not love beignets, char broiled oysters, banana pudding, shrimp po' boy sandwiches... (the list could go on and on)
i also did not love gaining a few pounds.
so. worth. every. bite.
i did not love dueling piano bars where journey was played... and i definitely did not love live music all throughout the french quarter.
i did not love snowballs (it's like eating a snow cone in heaven...) nor did i love the sugar rush afterwards.
i did not love packing as if i were going away for a month.... BUT my luggage did NOT hit 50 lbs. ha! take that southwest.
i did not love room service... nor did i love snuggling in my daily robe!
i did not love our enormous rooms w/ king beds. what a perfect set up!
i did not love dance parties in the middle of the street, or for Carly, dance battles.
i did not love seeing drew brees hanging out on his front lawn.
"YO DREW!!" ha! classic.
i did not love our traditional crawfish & crab feeding frenzy. delicious!
i did not love patty o's hurricanes... oh boy.
i did not love visiting my dad, nor did i like that fact that it hit me hard this week.
i miss him more and more.
i did not love that i made so many wonderful memories, new friends, and stories to last a lifetime.
i especially did not love that most of this post was about food.

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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