Monday, April 12, 2010

not me monday.

here ya go! all the things i did not do this week
(and for the newbies, if you have been living under a rock...
it's definitely the things i did do)

i did not love getting muddy in the warrior dash on Saturday. boy oh boy, fun!!
pics coming soon!!
i did not love pita pit with the crew. and my 3 diet cokes. oooops!
i did not love cleaning out my closet and donating lots to goodwill! LOVE spring cleaning!!
i did not love GLEE on Oprah! i cannot wait until tomorrow!!!!
i did not love sunday lazy day! movies, take out, and naps! (i do not nap, so this was big!)
i did not love getting 6 cards "just because" in the mail from very dear friends of mine. you know who you are. i can't thank you enough.
i did not love running on the beach to clear my head. it was much needed last week!
i did not love getting all the names that are coming for our alumni game! yikes, it's gonna be fun this weekend!
i did not love hearing my nana mere is in peace. she is still breathing, in no pain. i actually loved hearing this. i am so happy she isn't in pain.
i did not love hanging out in a pimped out trailer for my boss's Gatorade shoot. amazing. i want to be famous JUST for this reason.
i did not love listening to taylor swift all weekend in preparation for this Thursday nights concert!!!!
i did not love seeing my mini cadbury egg collection slowly depleting.
i did not love making homemade lasagna!! it was delicious!
i did not love planning a special mothers day gift. i can't wait!!!
i did not love sushi for lunch followed by Mexican for dinner, it's a good think i am working out so much! or else.... well you know.
i did not love getting two hours of sleep last night, yep. bed time.

goodnight! hope your monday is going well!!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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Liz said...

Pimped out trailer...cadbury eggs...homemade lasagna...when can we come visit?!