Monday, April 12, 2010

sleep deprived.

i couldn't sleep a wink last night.
too much on my mind, and i am sure the heavy rain didn't help.
SO CAL weather is SO pretty, then one day all of a sudden it's raining?
i kind of like it though.
rain makes for perfect snuggle/movie days.
but not perfect when you hear the pitter patter against your window all night.


i'm nervous my mini cadbury egg collection is running low.
my ass (pardon my french) will be happy though.
and i'm sorry i always talk about them.
but honestly, they are just THAT good to be mentioned all the time.


i can't believe i am awake right now and getting things done.
working, blogging, and running errands.
i'm pretty impressed i am able to function after so little sleep.
i will crash tonight. i'm prepared for it.

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