Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the bachelorette meets shooter.

last night ali (the newest member of the franchise in hopes to find a boyfriend, fiance, or person whom she would appear on the cover of people with) graced our TVs.

let me start by saying i do think she is cute & sweet.
her Britney spears post k-fed hair has got to go.
i have no idea what was going on with it.
let's hope this changes. for all of our sake.

let's recap, shall we?

meet shooter -
the guy who told the worst story ever. "I might, like, have prematurely ... in college freshman year ... accidentally ... and that's maybe how ... maybe,"
wow. really? he was hoping Ali would think it was funny rather than weird.
turns out it was not funny.
he did not receive a rose.

meet roberto - he got the first impression rose. Ali likes him. he's sweet. he will stay for a while. top 5 material for sure.

meet Kasey - um. not to be rude, but what's with his voice? he wants to "protect her heart" but rather i just see a stage five clinger. keep on eye on him. i see him staying around until the ambulance shows up.

meet Justin - AKA Rated R. Yes, he wore a shirt under a shirt that said so.
not a fan. besides he's an entertainment wrestler.
hmmm. enough said.

meet Jonathan AKA Reid #2 - he could be Reid's twin (from Jillian's season). he is also an unfunny weather man.

meet Jesse - i don't know much about him besides he's a general contractor. but he's cute.
he can stay for now. top 10 for sure.

meet Craig - that man with the toupee. not really a toupee, but seriously? what's with your hair. he's gotta stay simply for entertainment value.

meet Chris H - top 3 for sure. he's polite, handsome, and well normal. at least for now.
if i had to pick a winner from the first night - it would be him. but not enough info yet. stay tuned.

until next week......


Sara Ancich said...

so sad i missed it. im a dedicated bachelorette fan from the beginning of time. I'll have to watch it online, i guess.

Fun fact: My uncle was the reverend that married Trista and Ryan a few years ago on their big TV wedding!

Kelly and Tadd said...

Wow...I loved your post. Seriously, shooter. I about died. There are definitely a few creepers and sketchers on the show. There are a few cuties to. This should be a fun season. P.S. Did you see her playing soccer in the preview or whatever...I did not know that Ali was a soccer player, I should have guessed that is why we like her so much :)

Nicole said...

I am cracking up. Loved this post.

kelly said...

2 tidbits I think you'll enjoy: my roommate went to college with Shooter, and that is NOT actually how he got that nickname. His last name is Schuester, so people just sort of transitioned into "Shooter". ABC told him to make it interesting...so he did. Haha. and #2, we were at a bar after Bay to Breakers in the marina on Sunday and Ali came in with a big group. No ring, no guys...but she was pretty drunk. It was hilarious.

cpfashionista said...

a.) i love your blog! way too cute, inspiring, delightful, smile worthy. new daily read for sure.

b.) totally agree with absolutely everything...most importantly the fact that ali needs a stylist and a brush ASAP!