Monday, May 24, 2010

not me monday.

here ya go!
you know the drill.

all the things i did not do last week.
i did not love getting my USA jacket in the mail just in time before i depart to South Africa.
i did not love going to the IDOL taping. again. jeeez i feel a little spoiled going so many times!
lee's rendition of Hallelujah still gets me. and ps. we belong together.
i did not love Cafe Rio twice in one week. wow, new fav. spot.
i did not love sleepover/grey's night with shauna. UM. most intense Grey's episode. ever. ever. ever.
i did not love dinner with an old friend in downtown manhattan beach. delicious!
i did not love a busy work week but LOVED my full day off on Sunday. whooop! whooop!
i did not love coffee and catching up w/ my lil sis lupe. gosh she's growing up too fast! her "la quinceanera" is just around the corner! yikes!!
i did not love an impromptu hectors visit w/ bular. best sandwiches in town. yum.
i did not love getting my butt kicked by my trainer. still incredibly sore.
i did not love going to get my patch test this morning to find out what i am allergic to, and i definitely did not love the uncomfortable bandages i have to wear for 48 hours. oh boy. (so worth it though!)
i did not love galaxy game, katsuya, and just wright the movie. so cute.

i did not love the anticipation all week, knowing i am only a few days away from memorial day weekend with my favorites!!!!

post your not me mondays!
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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