Monday, May 24, 2010

skin test.

after almost 25 years of not knowing what i am allergic to,
a few hospital visits,
an almost near death experience,
and a few unanswered questions.

today is the day.

dr. habbal (chief might i add) told me he would take care of me.

happy tears filled my eyes immediately.

after 6 visits to Kaiser in the last 2 weeks,
today i finally had my skin test placed on my back.
it's a 4 day process.

day 1
. (see above)
day 2. wait
day 3. remove tape/bandages and see what i am allergic to
day 4. get results, and see what i need to avoid in the future.

fingers crossed this works.
nurse marie was so loving.
she reminded me of my mama so i felt right at home.

sadly, i can't shower until Wednesday,
i can't exercise,
(which is probably a good thing since my legs already feel like jello - thank you personal trainer)
and i can't remove the bandages.
so basically i am stuck walking funny.
all for a good reason though!!

i'll keep everyone posted.
think good thoughts... life changing news soon!!!!


Sara Ancich said...

small in convenience for a lifetime of freedom. hang in there! sending positive results/ thoughts your way!

Dani T said...

GIRL! That is serious! Happy thoughts your way!!! (Oh and when you pull that thing off do it FAST!!! Yikes!!)