Sunday, May 2, 2010

farewell April hello May flowers.

homemade guacamole is one of my most favorite things in this world.
i would put them on the shelf right next to mini cadbury eggs, diet cokes, and mikuni.
i've pretty much perfected it (to my liking) and i could eat it

i am trying to cook a BIG meal once a week (with actual courses and what not)
it's funny because the last few weeks i have tried this, guacamole was an actual course on my menu.
(don't judge until you try it)

i have narrowed down my two favorite places to get guac other than my home:

1. whole foods market in the fruits/veggie section. they make it on hand, it's to die for.
2. chipotle. i honestly think they have made the list because of the chips they serve their guac with. i call them crack chips. addicting.

anyways, i can't believe it's may.
(i know, i know, i see this every new month)
but seriously, where is the time going?
so much to do in may, and SO much to look forward too!

mother's day next weekend in good ole sactown.
memorial day weekend in SF with my favorites.
oh ya, and packing for a month in SOUTH AFRICA for the world cup!
oh boy. it's gonna be here quick!

happy may everyone!!


The McKiernan's said...

I <3 Chipotle's guac too!

Blake said...

Dude! World Cup?!? How did you score that?

Halfway to Denver said...

I could NOT live without guacamole, mini cadbury eggs and mikuni!

Jen said...

@ the mckiernans - ADDICTING.
@ blake - i work for a player on the team ;))
@ halfway to denver - you should move home :) i miss you. XOXO

Fil said...

ill teach you how to make real guac if you ever make it back to chicago haha