Monday, May 3, 2010

not me monday.

you know the drill ;)

*disclaimer, nothing FUN happened this week besides IDOL.
sorry for the boring-ness.

here we go!!

i did not love VIP status at idol. um, i want to do this EVERY week.
i did not love catching up on 5 days of work missed.... taking a vacay should never happen again. jk!! so worth it.
i did not love my new clarisonic machine. my face & body is already feeling it!!!
i did not love going to bed EARLY friday night (yes, i'm lame. but LOVED every minute of it)
i did not love Katsuya & the galaxy game. the team is on FIRE!
i did not love sleeping in on Sunday, running on the beach, and catching up on TIVO.

this was the most boring week. ever.
however, i worked my butt off to catch up. and i am thankful i did.
so, this week won't be SO darn crazy.
ps. heading home Thursday to enjoy mom & me time. i. am. so. excited.


Michelle said...

I got one of those sonicare brushes too!! It comes today in the mai land I'm so excited! What facewash/lotion do you use with it?

Jen said...

you have the sonicare tooth brush as well? OR the face/body scrubber? i use Rhonda Allison for face ;)) and normal organic body wash in the shower :)

Michelle said...

well now I have both :) I didn't get the body attachments tho.. just the face