Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a love like no other.

i was organizing my personal emails last night (yes, i know... i'm an "organizer"... i've come to terms with it).

i then stumbled across a folder titled "dad"
in it were emails he had written to me, funny pictures, letters, and a few other things.
my favorite thing, was a poem he had written for my mom.

It was written for her years ago... it's called "remember the spaces in between"
he was quite the author .

*warning - it is emotional. if you can't handle it today, come back another time.

from my dad (spoken in his southern accent of course)...

Remember the spaces in between

The most important thing in life, bar none is the space in between,

An example is I was born in 1949 and my expiration date is yet to be determined, but the space in between is what is most important, and it reads like this:


Can you remember your first memory, the first time you remembered anything; I can

My first memory in life is when I met Mona, and my last memory in life will be the last time I saw Mona, its that simple

Not a belated happy valentines day, just a fact of my life,

Your Chef for the moment,

i've cried many many times reading this.
mainly because i miss his love.
the world would be a much better place if people loved like this.
he is the reason i love with every part of me.

my mom is the most amazing woman i have ever known.
and my dad loved her with every ounce of his being...

he is still loving her.... and all of us. everyday.
one day we will meet again....