Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day.

i am back in so cal.
and WOWSA, what a trip!

and i must say, what a wonderful mother's day we had!!!
sadly, i didn't take any pictures except for the tables we set up,
but luckily my friend kel got a few! (thanks!)

50 people (or so) ended up coming over, and WOW did we eat!!

i miss my mom dearly already.

gosh, i am SO blessed to have her as my momma.

i was SO happy to spoil her all weekend long with:

gifts and gifts.

she deserves ALL of it.

happy mother's day to ALL the momma's out there :)

{the tables set up in our back yard}

{me, ana, and abbey prepping food!}

{kelly and me}

back to work tomorrow but thankful i got to spend SO much time with my dearest mom.

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