Monday, May 17, 2010

not me monday.

here ya go!
all the things i did not do this week.
for the newbies... it's all the things i did do.

i did not love making homemade pizza's, drinking wine in my pjs, and watching Grey's (oh my finale this week! i can't wait)
i did not love dinner in Downtown Disney w/ my bro. always so great to see him!!
i did not love going to see "the back up plan" starring j. lo. i think everyone should see a movie by themselves. so liberating. i LOVE doing this.
i did not love katsuya & galaxy game with whit. the world cup send off was great!!
(I also did not love little beckham cheering behind us, USA! USA! USA! before his dad told him to stop. ha! classic.)
i did not love lazy sunday in bed and catching up on my emails. followed by snacks and letters to juliet w/ b. great movie!! i want to move to italy. asap.
i did not love finding out i am going to American Idol (again) this week w/ shauna! ya! for final 3.
i did not love downloading all my "South Africa" music to get me pumped for my trip!
i did not love hiring a trainer to get my butt in gear for this marathon. yikes.
let the soreness begin.

i did not love spending some time w/ my bestie. catching up and eating chips and gauc. heaven.
i did not love picking out some fun excursions while in south africa. museums, wildlife, and more fun! here we come.
i did not love a spontaneous trip to the LBC for lunch with some of my favs. delicious banana macadamia pancakes. yum!
i did not love hulu-ing modern family. funniest show. ever.
i did not love getting to go to jimmy kimmel! the green room was amazing and my boss did a great job!!
i did not love being in the sun all day for work and still having awesome tan lines 5 days later. cool.

post your not me mondays.
it's so much cheaper than therapy.

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