Tuesday, May 18, 2010


a few weeks ago i snuck in my phone (thanks Shauna for the tip!)
and took a few pics inside the idol taping.
well, tonight i am gonna try to do the same!!

my friend Shauna
(go to her site, and ORDER something!)
invited me to attend the taping (yes please?)
pretty pumped i get to go again in the same season!!

look for us tonight!
i might be with the teeny boppers in the pit? let's hope! ha!!


Sara Ancich said...

let's play a gmae where we trade lives for just one day... you in?

Sara Ancich said...

game not gmae...ugh (I'm the English teacher that never checks her spelling ;)

Jen said...

ha! i loved your comment ;) let's also play a game where i can't wait to have a cute hubby AND 3 beautiful children :) lucky gal you are. Xxo.