Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sneaky pics.

last night we went to idol (and Shauna snuck in her phone via her bra)
she's pretty sneaky like that.
seriously, got a little chocked up when lee sang "hallelujah"
one of my all time favorite songs.
i swear he winked at me.
i saw the back of my head quite a few times when i watched it at home
(it looked good might i add, just sayin)
okay back to lee. i think i might be in love with him.
like those cute teeny bopper fans. minus the teeny bopper-ness.
and yes, we were with all those teens in the pit.
also, a ken paves look-a-like was there.
i was laughing the entire time because Shauna was yelling funny comments.
quite hysterical.
the end.
thanks for the tickets Shauna!!!
Cafe Rio tonight! boo ya.
happy hump day all.
(or just happy Wednesday, the word hump sounds funny)

1 comment:

Shauna said...

so fun! glad you could come. see you tonight!