Wednesday, May 26, 2010


warning: this is gross.
no other way to put it.
DO NOT read on if you are afraid of gross things.
i repeat.
stop reading.

i was right.
i am severely allergic to a lot of "things"
i will find out those "things" tomorrow morning.

the nurse was so kind today.
although she told me i was the worse case they have seen.
i felt happy knowing something is going on.

my bestie even came to be with me.
it's painful.
my back has blisters all over.
but the bandages are off.
i carefully showered with just water.
i feel better.
not great, but better.
last appointment (hopefully) tomorrow morning.

my blistered back:

i will hopefully have a long list of "things" i am allergic to by tomorrow.
so my life can move forward.
although i am in a lot of pain, i am happy.
one step closer....

thanks for the good thoughts this week!!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully nothing from Mikuni's! <3 Alice

Kelly and Tadd said...

Wow...that looks so painful. You are hard core. I bet it will be a relief to know what causes those big blisters because it is obviously deadly to your health. I cringed when I saw those blisters, I can only imagine what they actually feel like. I hope they get better soon! Looking forward to additional results.