Friday, May 28, 2010


i can't show you all my back again because, well...
let's just say it's bad.
like really, really bad.

blistered. red. itchy. bandaged.
just bad.

however, i am feeling MUCH better!!
i am taking medicine for 10 more days.
the doc said it's the worst case he has ever seen.

he is making a case study out of me!
you know that means it was serious.

i am allergic to 6 different chemicals.
and 105 cross reaction chemicals.
basically i am allergic to everything.

good news is i have an 83 page "shopping list" dr. habbal printed out for me.
i can only use what is on the list.
this could get interesting. and fast.

i'm alive. that's all the matters.
and i will not be wearing a bathing suit for memorial day weekend.

ps. my mom thinks i should wear a bracelet.
you know, with all my allergies on it.
real cool mom.

happy memorial day weekend everyone!!!

1 comment:

Blake said...

Bracelet?! with that many allergies it would be a Vambrace!! You should make it out of steel, then you could use it to protect yourself in sticky situations.