Friday, June 25, 2010

fun photo (s) friday from South Africa.

Just a few random fun photos of my trip so far............

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(Me and Captain America)

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(African Dancers)

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(box suite for the Brazil game)

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(one of my favorite meals here!)

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(the US team in the last few seconds of the game Wednesday)

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(my favorite guy at the lion park)

ps. thanks everyone for following my blog!!!
Wednesday my blog hit 847 views and today it was over a thousand!
i mean, i know i am not Oprah... but that's a lot of hits for this little ole' blog.

pss. tomorrow is one of the biggest days in US Soccer history.
let's make it happen boys!!

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diann said...

Hi Jen, this is Kristi and Dani's dad, thank you for your blog otherwise I would not know what the hell my girls are up to. It has been exciting to see your pictures and comments each day (doesn't hurt that you have included pictures of my girls) also that was a very moving father's day blog you wrote, I can only hope my girls think of me half as much as you loved your dad. PS. you look like you could be Dani's sister and she has mentioned how much she likes you so we will just include you into our family anytime you want. Take care and keep on blogging girl. Regards for USA. Steve Thompson