Saturday, June 26, 2010


my heart hurts for the US Men's soccer team today.
what a ride they had...
game #4 didn't have as good as an outcome as we hoped.
2-1 in overtime is not a fun way to lose.
actually, losing at all isn't fun.
i am still so bummed out.

however, i am SO proud of the team.
so so so proud!!
definitely made a name for themselves this World Cup.

what a bunch of wonderful memories i have made in South Africa.
and fantastic new friends.
this was such an amazing trip.....
i am definitely sad to go home.

a few pics of today.

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(Dani and Me w/ our face tattoos)

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(pre game on the field with Visa, watching warm ups)

i can't not be happy at how far we have come.
or how proud the team has made us.
go USA!

Brazil 2014 is just around the corner.....

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Sara Ancich said...

we all felt like balloons that had lost their air today. So disappointed. Can only imagine on your end what it all must have felt like. A very cool ride to get there though. So much pride for our country.

I loved reading every post and so glad you took the time to document it all. What an amazing memory you have made for yourself.