Thursday, June 24, 2010

game day.

Heart-stopping. Historic. Emotional. Unreal. Thrilling. Pulsating. Dramatic. Just plain Fun.
(couldn't have said it better... from US Soccer's blog)
I can't even begin to explain GAME #3.
The words just don't even do it justice.
It took me a full day to post this because I have been SWAMPED with work.
Sorting hundreds of emails. awesome.
it's crazy, if you can imagine.
this place is INSANE right now.
and i love it.
let's start off the day...
we loaded the buses and went to the US EMBASSY.
so so so cool!!!
they were hosting a BBQ for the team's families.
They had drinks, food, music, face painting, etc. for all of us.
you HAD to have a credential to get in (pretty intense i must say...)
The Ambassador (who looks like Bill Gates) spoke.
Then Drew Carey spoke about how the refs are dumb
(like calling back goals that should have been goals...)
Sadly, no camera's or phones were allowed in.
i should have broken the rules.
others snuck cameras in.
stupid mistake.
we were ALL so antsy about the game.... we just wanted to get there!!!
At 2pm we left and walked 5 minutes to the stadium.
the media/crowd/atmosphere was indescribable.
all i could hear was USA chants the entire game.
the entire game i was sitting on the edge of my seat.
THEN.... 92+ minute goal.
we all cried.
best moment of the trip thus far.
and what a moment that was.
after the game we surprised the team at their hotel.
when we arrived there were glasses of champagne, dancers, and lots and lots of excitement.
we got to hang out for a few hours until bed time.
everyone was over the moon.
(as you could imagine)
We ended up staying up until 4am with all the excitement going on.
What a GREAT day for our Country.
What a great day for us!!!
Next game, Saturday @ 8:30pm vs. GHANA in the Round of 16.

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Sara Ancich said...

We saw it. We were in a trailer in Needles, California (vacationing at the river).

Reception wasn't that great.

However...We turned on the TV just in the nick of time. Hunter in his jersey of course. All of us had tears. Screaming and yelling in the middle of the desert full of pride for our country and becoming Donovan's even BIGGER fans (if that's even possible).