Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brain Dump.

-I am back from South Africa, and watching the World Cup on TV just isn't the same. it makes me a little depressed actually.

-i am getting an ipad and the new macbook pro laptop tomorrow. compliments of my bosses. i mean, i totally deserve it BUT so nice to be appreciated in (apple) form. won't say no to that. ever.

-i started a 5 day cleanse today. all liquids. 5 days. yes, you read that right. blue print cleanse is gonna kick my butt. day 1 down was good! tomorrow might be a MUCH different story. stay tuned.

-i saw my mom's twin at the gym recently. i mean, my mom is much cuter, but i totally did a double take as if my mom came to manhattan beach and didn't call me to hang out.

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-i need to find a dress for the ESPYS. hopefully my friend's closets will suffice. and hopefully i meet my future husband as well.

-my friend rachel is getting married Friday. then my other friend rachel is getting married the following Saturday. i hope i don't switch their gifts.

-i hate summer tv. and the bachelorette is not good this season.

-i've been thinking how fast time can fly but at the same time it goes by so slow.
my dad has been in heaven for 11 months. i feel like it was just yesterday. but some days i feel like it's been forever. i wonder if the pain will ever get easier?

-i have really good friends. like the best of friends. Example, i wrote "61 reasons" for my dad's 61st (you might have seen it on my blog). the next thing i knew i had "61 reasons" in my inbox that my friend wrote about me. i mean, i cried, laughed, and cried some more. nicest thing ever.

-vienna and jake had a yelling match on monday night. they are obviously broken up. it's sad what people will do for money. just sad.

- when i am off my cleanse, i want this garden burger.

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- i want to buy a beach cruiser. 2 for the price of one. who's in?

-a little over 3 months from now i will be running in the chicago marathon. i immediately regret this decision. if i wasn't running for my dad, i would have backed out already. must. keep. running.

-i am going home next weekend and i can already smell mikuni.

-my boss is throwing out the first pitch at the dodgers game sunday. not gonna lie, had to google where "dugout" seats were. don't judge. i'm still excited!

-i am almost done with the 4th twilight book. yes, i have been saying this for months.

-my new found favorite friends are moving to manhattan beach soon. i'm contemplating building a paper chain (like i do for Christmas) and counting down the days until their arrival.

-i can't even tell you what i am doing saturday because no one would believe me.

- i can't get over how cute my family is. seriously? i want to bite them.

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-if you are reading this and haven't booked your flight to vegas for my birthday celebration labor day weekend... then we might be fighting.

-my back has small scars from my skin test. cool. remember when the doc said "absolutely no way will it leave scars" awesome.

-this was the longest brain dump ever.

happy hump day to all.


Shauna said...

my tagline for Brain Dumps are: Cheaper than Therapy!

Love it all and cant wait until you get your macbook tomorrow (upgrade it for some photoshop...i'll teach you everything you need to know)

and also cant wait to do some damage with you in Kylee's closet.

Vegas labor day weekend? Can the mormons come?

Whitney said...

1) i had to google dugout seats as well, even though i was pretty sure what they were. i just needed to confirm :)

2) i'm pretty sure i know what you're doing saturday...does it start with an e?

Sara Ancich said...

WHAT are you doing Saturday...cause if you are in awe...then it must be pretty GOOD!

Loved your brain stealing this therapy session for my blog one of these days.

Off to Vegas with my 6 year old...have a feeling its just not gonna be the same as your trip to Vegas... hmmm.

Liz Leppanen said...

I love LOVE love this brain dump Jen. Well I love all of your posts actually.

Did you see the little team of runners I put together and got sponsored by Mikuni? Oh ya! Woot! Can you say, ADORABLE with their custom shirts? (done by the parents) :o)

Oh one more thing. We are coming to town August 6-8th and are going to the game at the Rose Bowl - excited! I have a mandatory pageant orientation on Sunday - ooh sounds official.

Ok, I guess I just did a brain dump on you. :o)


Jen said...

Shauna - i have "it's so much cheaper than therapy" for my not me mondays. it's so true.

macbook. obsessed.

ya on her closet. whooop.

EVERYONE is invited to VEGAS. including mormons.

Whit - i know right? i am SO excited for Sunday.

and you know NOW what i am doing Saturday. EEEEK.

Sara - i will be emailing you about my saturday plans soon :)

you MUST do a brain dump. makes you feel better ;)

wish i was going to vegas this weekend! have a cocktail (or 2) for me!

Liz - i did. i LOVED it. they were SO cute!

i will be in SAC town for 5 days (taking some personal days) Aug 9th is my dad's year mark. i will be in SAC with my family and probably super emotional :) no soccer games for me that weekend.

you will have a BLAST at the game though!!


Brittany said...

Totally random - but how formal are the ESPYS? I have a dress that you would look great in and are more than welcome to borrow :)

Jen said...

brittany - how cute are you?! will you email me a picture? i am trying on some today/tomorrow. would LOVE to see more options ;) can NEVER hurt! XOXO

Vivi said...

5 days of only liquids while training for a marathon? WHAT!!

i had other thoughts while reading this, but i forgot.