Monday, July 5, 2010

a weekend in pictures.

hi all!
i hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July weekend.
mine was amazing.
i EVEN took a few days off.
crazy right?

let's recap, shall we?

this is how it went down...

Saturday i went dress shopping for my little sisters QuinceaƱera.
(we are not really related, but i met her from the big brother/big sister's program while i was in college, she's the best)

While searching for a dress i called my friend tiff to say hi.
and this is what happened:

me: "hey tiff, how are you?"
tiff: i'm good! you?
me: good! what are you doing this weekend?"
tiff: "nothing really"
me: "how about you buy a flight and come visit me?"
tiff: "okay"
me: "great, see you soon"

last minute impromptu visit.
and what a FUN visit we had.

the festivities...

QuinceaƱera. check.
<span class=
me and lupe.

<span class=
me signing her guest book.

<span class=
her party dress.

4th of july celebrations in Long Beach. check.
<span class=

Olive garden for a classy meal. check.
(didn't get any pictures, but let's just say: unlimited bread sticks and salad. amazing)

galaxy game w/ fireworks. check
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checking into a REALLY great hotel for a pretend vacay (1 mile away from my home). check.

dance parties at my favorite spot - BEACHES. check.

sleeping in with an ocean side view. check.
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eating as much as we can while all not feeling so hot. double check.

gosh, i love fun impromptu weekends.
miss my brother and tiff already.

back to reality................

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