Sunday, July 25, 2010

magic castle.

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Over the weekend we went to the world famous magic castle in Hollywood.
um, google it.
this place is UN-REAL.
i don't really believe in magic, but let's be honest...
anyone who can make a $20 bill (that i have written on) appear later INSIDE a Splenda packet (sealed and all) is my new hero.

it was amazing.
and we had a wonderful sit down meal that was delicious!!!
we even ran into jason sudeikis - one of my most favorite SNL peeps.

it's a member's only club (you gotta know a magician)
thankfully for us, we do!

i want to go back.
i love magic now.


Sara Ancich said...

how is it possible that your brother is single? or you for that matter... you guys are CUTE!

Jen said...

It baffles me that he's single. He's adorable and possibly the greatest catch! and I'm not even saying that because I'm bias ;) and thank you. I'd like to think my dad is waiting for the right moment to send mr. Right into my life. I'm patient :)